Since the inception of the CCR standards, understanding how to prepare our students’ to be College and Career Ready has been a difficult task. My Ed Buddy was developed to support the teacher and student in understanding how to successfully implement the new standards and prepare students to be College and Career ready.

Instruction should be relevant, rigorous and purposeful. Students should be able to ask questions about their own learning: “did I get it or not, what was the evidence to prove that I understood it, can I collaborate with others, and is the learning relevant”. My Ed Buddy will support your students to become independent thinkers, allow them to build strong content knowledge in reading and writing, teach them to comprehend as well as critique the works of others, and value evidence, and most importantly ask themselves “why”.

Students need the tools, support, and guidance at their fingertips to help them take ownership of their own learning.

This is the purpose of My Ed Buddy—to help Educators and students Deconstruct and utilize the College and Career Readiness Standards so that all students are College and Career Ready.


Equipping Teachers – Empowering Students