My Ed Buddy offers multiple Professional Development packages to support best practices strategies in the classroom.  In addition, we offer customized solutions to meet the needs of the school and district.  Here are just a few of what we offer:

Exclusively Inclusive:  My Ed Buddy supports teachers in creating a learning environment where all students can achieve.  Participants will learn what inclusion looks like in their unique learning environments, and learn and understand cooperative teaching strategies and techniques.

Data Driven Culture and Decision Making:  My Ed Buddy supports teachers in understanding how to analyze data.  This valuable data helps teachers make valuable decisions to either remediate a specific skill or determine if a skill has been mastered.  Data will be examined to differentiate instruction and teachers will be taught how to use resources that will help support the learning environment.

Independent and Close Reading:  My Ed Buddy provides instructional research based methods for independent reading and close reading.   This professional development will help teachers refine their understanding of how important both concepts are and how using text dependent questioning will help students with analyzing the text thus leading to better comprehension.

Differentiated Instruction:  My Ed Buddy provides professional development focusing how to differentiate instruction in the classroom.  These differentiation techniques can be used in whole and small group lessons.

Response to Intervention:  My Ed Buddy provides teachers the appropriate approaches and supports for students behavioral and learning needs.  Teachers as a result will be able to make educational decisions using the outcome data for both general and special education students.

Effective Instruction:  My Ed Buddy provides research based strategies to support Tier I instruction so that there is less of a need for remediation.  This Professional Development session will focus on instructional strategies and techniques used in classroom instruction.

Understanding the CCSS and College and Career Readiness:  My Ed Buddy provides Professional Development that takes a closer look at the Common Core and College and Career Readiness Standards.  This Professional Development targets the standards, the strands, and the organization for ELA and Math.

The Common Core Classroom:  Through this Professional Development session, teachers will understand what Common Core looks and feels like.  Teachers will learn how to prepare students to become independent and collaborative learners.

Writing-Opinion, Persuasive, and Argumentation:  My Ed Buddy provides Professional Development that focuses on strategies and techniques for effective writing for students.  Teachers will identify the different genres of writing, writing processes, and characteristics of writing to support our students ability to produce coherent and effective writing forms.

Rigor and Relevance:  My Ed Buddy will teach teachers the rigor and relevance model while helping teachers to apply these engaging skills in the classroom to create a more engaging learning environment.

Summative vs. Formative Assessment:  My Ed Buddy provides professional development geared towards understanding the differences between summative and formative assessments.  Through this Professional Development session, teachers will be given the opportunity to create their own effective assessments to be used within classroom instruction.

Conflict Resolution: My Ed Buddy offers professional development to schools, districts, and the community to support and strengthen the home and school connection. These trainings helps teachers to more effectively deal with discord that sometimes may occur. This course will help your staff better understand the micro-aggressions that often lead to clashes between students and teachers.

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Captain Willie D. Brown – Author, and Consultant
Captain Brown is a 24 year veteran of the fire service and the founder of Internal Intelligence Group© LLC. He holds an A.A.S Degree in Fire Science, a B.S. in Fire Service Management, and is certified in Inclusion-Diversity training from the UW-Madison Extension. He is a former Fire Academy lead instructor and adjunct faculty member of Rock Valley College’s fire service program. Captain Brown is a public speaker, and holds a host of public service related certifications.