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My Ed Buddy™ is Educational Publishing Company FOCUSED on Student Achievement and College and Career Readiness through Professional Development and K-8 Print Supplemental products. We teach, we empower, we guide, and we encourage. These are the guiding principles for My Ed Buddy™.

I teach, empower, educate, guide, equip, and encourage. These guiding principles allow me to live my passion, understand my purpose, and to share my gift. Because of where I lived, I was dismissed by some and was told that I was never going to succeed. But it was through my elementary teacher and mentor, Dr. Marva Collins, and her belief that every child could succeed no matter what creed, color, or demographic, I made it through. It was her belief in me and the power of education that allowed me to be the person that I am today. And to her I would like to say “Thank You for making a difference in my life”. It is my hope that I have touched one of my students’ lives in the way that she touched mine. Marva, made a difference! She cared, shared, encouraged, empowered, and supported. She told me I had potential, taught with high expectations, and helped me understand my purpose. She taught using rigorous instructional processes that were relevant. Students were on task, were able to collaborate, ask questions, and demonstrate learning of objectives. Common Core was non- existent then, but is this not the purpose of Common Core today? Students should be able to ask questions about their own learning: “did I get it or not”, “what was the evidence to prove that I understood it”, “can I collaborate with others”, “and is the learning relevant”.

Equipped with many years of experience as an Educational Consultant and a K-8 Master teacher, My Ed Buddy™ Founder and CEO Stephanie Jefferson-Williams has extensive background and success in implementing strategies for Priority schools. In addition, Stephanie has not only trained teachers on best practices strategies, but also strategic planning and technology integration. Her work has gone unnoticed as she has been the “talk” of districts and state departments in her efforts for school effectiveness and student achievement. Her team of contributors and developers include administrators and teachers who have over 100 years of classroom experience combined.

In life, I believe, we have a passion, purpose, and a gift that we are to share with others. My passion is children and providing them with all the necessary tools that they need to be empowered. My purpose is to educate those children and to show them that there are no boundaries, only those they create for themselves. My gift is to equip others to support children in reaching their full potential.
Stephanie Jefferson-Williams

Stan Allen serves as Senior Vice President of Sales for US operations. He has spent over thirty plus years working in education and corporate environment. After earning a degree in Secondary Education from Bucknell University, Stan worked in college admissions for Ohio Wesleyan University. He has held US and International (Middle East and South America) sales and marketing management positions with companies such as 3M, Imation, Apple Computer, Pearson Digital Learning, and Promethean.

Mr. Allen’s marketing experience helped Imation bring to market the first external floppy drive for the original all in one IMAC. He has also pursued a MA degree in Business Management from Central Michigan University.

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