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Finally, a product that meets the needs of the educator in the 21st century. Teachers want to teach and in order to do that, they need resources that are effective and yet convenient. I’ve been in education 20 plus years and appreciate materials that allow me to hone my craft. I need resources that work for and with the rigor of my curriculum. I happen to be a fan, an ardent fan, of Common Core and post my standards each day explaining those standards and my expectations. I like having those standards preprinted and perfectly aligned. Saves time from writing them and I can get right to what I love doing– teaching! Yes, this is definitely MyEdBuddy!

Jacqulin Cw. McCrary

Principal, Newport, AR

I cannot believe that there is a product on the market that supports how our students learn to collaborate, discuss the text, and look for evidence while using the Common Core Standards. It’s difficult for our students to discuss the text however our students stay on target with their collaborative conversations and use accountable talk language thanks to My Ed Buddy. The conversational cards and the accountable talk frames are an excellent resource for any classroom.

Tonja Huff

2nd Grade Teacher, Illinois

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is My Ed Buddy?
A. My Ed Buddy is a comprehensive K-8 writing and reading “College and Career Readiness” tool designed to supplement any reading curriculum.My Ed Buddy’s focus on the Common Core Standards is unparalleled.

Q. What does My Ed Buddy include?
A. My Ed Buddy includes

  • Student Guides complete with graphic organizers for readingand writing
  • Academic vocabularyflash cards
  • Student “I can” and “I know” statements complete with evidence formative assessments
  • Student conversational cards
  • Accountable talk stems
  • Teacher standards
  • Anchor chart posters

Q. Is My Ed Buddy a full curriculum?
A. No. My Ed Buddy is meant to supplement existing reading and writing curricula.

Q. How is the My Ed Buddy Supplemental Organized?
A. My Ed Buddy is color coded and organized by the Common Core English Language Arts standards.

  • Blue: Reading for Literature
  • Red: Reading for Information
  • Green: Reading for Foundations
  • Purple: Speaking and Listening
  • Orange: Writing
  • Yellow: Language

Q. How much time is needed to cover all the material in the My Ed Buddy program?
A. Because it is a supplement, there is no time limit; it is a daily tool.The best results occur when it is used continuously throughout the school year.

Q. Does My Ed Buddy use the Writing Process?
A. Yes. My Ed Buddy helps students understand that writing takes practice and that their writing will improve with each step. It is helpful when teachers explain that the writing process is not linear and that writers will often move back and forth between the steps.

Q. How can I use My Ed Buddy to meet the needs of all of my students?
A. My Ed Buddy is designed to meet the needs of diverse learners. My Ed Buddy supports differentiated and scaffolding instruction.

Q. Does My Ed Buddy have lesson plans?
A. My Ed Buddy, curriculum supplement, does not include daily lesson plans. However, teacher resources, samples, and techniques to support effective lesson planning are included.

Q. Are assessments part of My Ed Buddy?
A. The evidence cards included in My Ed Buddy can be used for formative assessments.

Q. Why does My Ed Buddy focus on collaboration?
A. “To build a foundation for college and career readiness, students must have ample opportunities to take part in a variety of rich, structured conversations—as part of a whole class, in small groups, and with a partner. Being productive members of these conversations requires that students contribute accurate, relevant information; respond to and develop what others have said; make comparisons and contrasts; and analyze and synthesize a multitude of ideas in various domains.”
Common Core State Standards
Anchor Standards for Speaking and Listening,
ELA Standards

Q. Does My Ed Buddy come with support and training?
A. Yes, professional development is available.

Q. If I have more than 20 students in my classroom, can I purchase more materials for individual students?
A. Yes, they can be purchased in sets of 5.

Q. How are the materials organized?
A. Student materials can be placed in My Ed Buddy Backpacks.